Bombardier Challenger 650

The Challenger 650 is an improved version of the Challenger 605, which received new avionics — Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21, an updated interior and more powerful engines. The new functionality includes a multi-mode weather radar and a synthetic view system, which displays data on the collimator Head-Up Display.

The new jet also received more powerful GE Aviation CF 34-3B engines, which have a take-off thrust of almost 4,200 kg, which is 5% more than the base version. This allows the aircraft to proportionally increase the payload when taking off from short runways. At the same time, the range compared to the 605th model has not changed and is 7408 km.


  • Passenger capacity 12 per
  • Crew 2 per
  • Cruising speed 850 km/h
  • Maximum Range 7408 km
  • Cab volume 3,26 m3
  • Luggage compartment capacity 3,3 m3
  • Passenger Cabin length 7,8 meters
  • Passenger Cabin width 2,49 meters
  • Passenger Cabin height 1,85 meters


inside Bombardier Challenger 650


cabin Bombardier Challenger 650

Bombardier Challenger 650

interior plan

Bombardier Challenger 650


Bombardier Challenger 650

The Challenger 650, the sixth iteration of the familiar design, offers even more living space thanks to optimal interior planning. The interior itself embodies a dozen wishes of potential owners, identified in the course of marketing research. For example, the portholes are significantly larger and placed 6.5 cm higher, which improves the view from the cabin.

The control system for lighting and other interior parameters, based on a local Ethernet network, has become simpler and more reliable. Among the pleasant moments — a modernized onboard kitchen, video monitors with a larger diagonal, LED lighting, more stable pull-out tables, well-designed interior of the toilet rooms.

The entertainment system received a 24-inch monitor in the bulkhead as standard equipment, as well as a high-definition content playback system. Bombardier also installed new, wider seats with full-size headrests in the cabin.

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